5 Percent Tint at Night: Can You See Through It?

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5 Percent Tint at Night

The 5% tint of the car window is the darkest tinted window option available. During the day, this percentage shuts out the bulk of light. So, with a 5 percent tint at night, can you see through it?

5 Percent Tint at Night: Can You See Through It?

In short, a 5 percent window tint is the darkest that may be achieved. At night, it won’t be easy to see through. This is why 5 percent of tinted windows are illegal in many states.

In daylight, driving with a 5% tinted car window may not be problematic, but at night, you should not hope to see anything without headlights.

Driving with 5% tint windows is a real challenge at night as many drivers have to roll down the windows to have better vision.

What is 5% Tint?

There are many levels of blackness in automobile window tints that show how much security they may provide. Furthermore, the darker the automobile window, the fewer others can see inside, which is beneficial to privacy.

On the other hand, dark window tinting can make nighttime driving difficult, particularly in places with limited light exposure. The percentage can also be used to calculate the darkness of a window tint.

Less light can flow through at lower percentages, resulting in a darker window coating. Several recommendations range from 35-50%, with factory tints ranging from 15% to 20%.

Lights can be difficult to see when driving with a 5 percent car window tint if you are not used to tinting. However, some people seem to enjoy it because they are accustomed to the look.

But believe me, it’s pitch black. While this may be an exaggeration, the closest practical method to depict looking out a 5 percent tinted automobile window at night is by putting a black paper up in front of you!

Is It a Good Idea to Have 5% Tinted Windows?

For starters, the darkest shade you can create should be 5%, which is illegal in most places because you might not be able to see through it.

Suppose you really want the tinted look but don’t want to be completely dark, especially at night. In that case, a 50 percent tint is an excellent option to go with because it will not only prevent roughly half of the light from accessing your car but will also block the UV and heat.

What Is the Best Window Tint Percent?

Remember that the tinting of car windows is governed by state or territory rules. Therefore, when deciding what window tinting is best, you should consider all legal criteria.

Most states set a minimum visible light transmission of 35 percent. However, 50 percent tint is optimal for driver and passenger front windows, while 35 percent is generally recommended for rear and side windows.


Above all, you can choose the 5% tinted car window, but you will be unable to see through it at night, especially in areas with little light exposure.

If you’re not used to riding with tinted windows, your first night trip with a 5% tint may make you nervous that you’ll have to drive with the windows down. Furthermore, depending on your region, there may be restrictions on how dark your car’s window tint can be.