AX4S Vs AX4N: The Key Differences

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AX4S and AX4N are the two most common transmission models for vehicles. AX4S, or standard four-speed transmission, was the previous model of transmission and AX4N is the new generation. Let’s look at what they are and how they differ: AX4S Vs AX4N.

The AX4S transmission has a wider range between gears and a number of different configurations. The AX4N, on the other hand, has a narrower range but has more options for customization. In terms of cost and technical specifications, they are both relatively equal measures for upgrading from older models to newer ones.

AX4S Explanation

AX4S is the older transmission model that was produced before the AX4N. The standard four-speed transmission was created by Nissan and powered many of the Datsun models until its replacement by the newer model.

The AX4S has a number of different configurations available for different models or years, so there are quite a few parameters to take into consideration when upgrading between years and models. The AX4S also has different options for configuration, like synchronizers. Synchronizers are components that “synchronize” the gears when shifting, which allows the engine to maintain proper rpm while switching gears. There are three different types of synchronizers for AX4S transmissions.

AX4N Explanation

The AX4N is the newer version of transmission replacement for AX4S models. The replacement started in 1990, with earlier models being replaced by 1997. The AX4N is the successor to previous models because it offers more options for upgrades and customizations. Its range is narrower than AX4S models because it comes with only four gears. The AX4N transmission has a wider range of options for gearing, including customizations where users can choose their own ratios for different situations.

The AX4N also has different types of synchronizers to choose from, but the options are more limited than those available for AX4S models. The synchronizers include; sprag, friction disks, and hydrostatic.

Ax4s Vs Ax4n: The Key Differences

The following are key differences between AX4S and AX4N transmissions:


AX4S models have a wider range than the newer transmission model. The AX4N ranges between 3.58 and 2.62, while the AX4S ranges between 3.24 and 1.90. The difference in range is because of how gears are arranged inside the transmission model.


The newer transmission model, AX4N, has more options for customizing the transmission model to fit the needs of different users.

Gearing Options

The AX4S gives you more customization for gearing because there are more options that include different types of synchronizers. The new generation AX4N has less options for gearing because it provides only one type of synchronizer.


Standard four-speed transmissions are available in a number of configurations with slightly different equipment, so choosing the right one can be difficult.

The AX4S models are not as popular as the newer models because they do not have as many options for gear ratios and synchronizers. The AX4N also has a wider range of shifting, making it a more appealing alternative to the previous model.

Although this is a good trend, according to experts, AX4S transmission models will be gradually replaced by the newer model until the production of AX4S comes to an end.


The AX4S and AX4N transmission models are different in a number of ways, but they are relatively equal in terms of cost and technical specifications. The AX4S has a wider range for configurations and more options for gearing, while the newer model has a narrower range with more options for customizations.