How Long Do Oil Filters Last in Storage? Should You Check It Before Replacement?

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How Long Do Oil Filters Last in Storage

Everything has its own expiration date, so does the oil filter. How long do oil filters last in storage? Apparently, the material of its components is the reason that it won’t last forever.

Simply stated, oil filters can be stored for a decade but you need to check their rubber seals before applying them to your car.

Components of a car oil filter

  • The oil filter is a device that keeps the car engine healthy. It prevents the engine from any dirt, debris, and harmful substances entering it. We may neglect our car oil filters and they can become clogged with dirt, rust, or even part of the engine.
  • An oil filter consists of an anti-drain-back valve, a bypass valve, a motor oil inlet, a motor oil outlet, and a spin-on element. The spin-on element is the part that can be replaced as it is the part that gets damaged with time, thus making it hard to remove and install the filter.

There are different types of oil filters based on their material. However, they are often made of strong metals. This keeps them from being damaged.

  • The most common that it is made up of is bimetal, which consists mainly of tungsten and molybdenum. Also, the aluminum components are added to prolong the life of this filter.
  • For storage purposes, we always need to check if the oil filter retains its strength on the outside and inside.

How long do oil filters last in storage?

The answer depends on the material used in producing oil filters. So, what materials are usually used in oil filters?

  • Steel mesh
  • Rubber
  • Carbon fiber
  • Silicon carbide
  • Paper. That’s right, paper!

If stored carefully like in dry conditions, oil filters can last for decades. However, the rubber seals in an oil filter will start to go off from year 5th or 6th. The best way to extend its life is to store it somewhere that has no direct sunlight exposure and is cool.

How to store oil filters properly?

The best place to store oil filters is a cool and dry space. Some mechanics suggest that you should store the oil filters in a box to keep them away from moisture. However, adding more protection will increase the chances of damage to the oil filters. By storing them in a box that is in an area with no direct sunlight exposure, you can extend their life considerably.

How long do oil filters last when used in a car?

Due to the fact that oil filters are used in various cars, car owners need to understand how long they can last. Once in use, a car oil filter will normally last for about 6 to 8 months. After that, the filter will become less effective. If you don’t change it on time, it will affect the performance of the car engine.

Car mechanics recommend drivers change the bad oil filter every 6,000 miles or after every second oil change.


Oil filters can last for decades if they are stored carefully and maintained accordingly. However, the rubber seals will start to decompose after 5-6 years. It’s good that the oil filter is not a fancy part so you can stock a few for your future use. Just remember to change it regularly to protect the engine.