How To Get Tar Off Car Tires! EASY & Quick!

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How To Get Tar Off Car Tires

Road tar on your tires can be incredibly dangerous, It’s best that you remove it right away! Learn how to get tar off tires the easy way.

What Is Tar?

Tar is a sticky, black liquid that is created when tires roll over asphalt. It coats the rubber tread and can cause it to heat up dramatically and ultimately crack.

The Dangers Of Tar On Tires

Road tar will quickly dry and create a hard, black coating on your tires. Your tires will lose their ability to grip the road properly, which can dramatically impact your handling and fuel mileage. Worse yet, that tar can actually catch on fire!

Tar is best prevented by repairing potholes and other damage to the road right away so it doesn’t build up. If you want to remove the tar from your tires, follow the steps below.

The Most Effective Tar Removal Tool

The best way to remove tar from your tires is with a rented orbital buffer. They’re very affordable and work great at removing the tar from your tires in one fell swoop.

A small rod with a blunt tip is best for removing tar from in between the treads of your tires. You can often see where tar is caked in between your tires by looking at the sides of your treads.

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In most cases, tar is oozing out of your tires and the rods are not needed. If you do decide to use a rod, use one with a flat end. You will want to cut the rod in half before inserting it into your tire.

How To Get Tar Off Car Tires

#1 Drive Around

The best method is to drive around in a circle for 10 minutes with your car on, park, walk around for 5 minutes, then repeat the process four or five times. This should loosen up the tar enough that you can use something with less chemicals in it.

#2 Dripping It Out

All you need to do is slowly drip hot water repeatedly on your tire without touching the black residue. The water will soften up the tar and you can slowly remove it with a dry towel.

Try not to use boiling hot water because it could cause the rubber to crack.

#3 Boiling It Bursts

Lightly heat your tires up with a hairdryer or heat gun until the tar bubbles lightly and drips out. Again, move slowly! You don’t want your tires to explode.

#4 Heat It Up

You can use your car to heat up the tires and tar. Begin by plugging your car into an outlet and rolling down all the windows. Slowly drive around in a circle for about 10 minutes.

#5 Try This If All Else Fails

You can try using Goo Gone or any other type of solvent if you don’t want to risk heating up your tires.

#6 Olive Oil

If you want to try something a little more natural and organic, you can try pouring some olive oil on your tires. Let it sit for 30 minutes, and then use a rag to wipe off the tar.

Be sure not to use too much force while cleaning as you don’t want to make any scratches or damage the rubber. If there are still some spots of tar left, simply take another rag and rub over it again until the tar is removed.

#7 Coconut Oil

Another option is coconut oil. Simply mix a few drops of coconut oil and hot water in a spray bottle, then spritz on your tires. Let the solution sit for at least 30 minutes, and then rub it off with a rag or sponge.

Let the mixture dry completely before driving or driving over tar patches again.

You can try one of the organic options suggested above if you’re concerned about staying safe while removing tar from your tires. But remember, these are not cheap solutions that you should only use in emergency situations. Instead, buy a few of the more efficient, chemical-free methods outlined above for everyday use and save your car from being destroyed.

Steps to Remove Tar From Car

Step 1: Clean Your Tires First

You’ll want to clean the tires. You can do this by using degreaser and a pressure washer. If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can get by with just degreaser and a sponge. The degreaser will help loosen up the tar so that it comes off much more easily.

Step 2: Get The Tar Off Your Tires Once

You have tar on your tires, it will stick to everything else because of all the chemicals.

Step 3: Pressure Wash

With the tar on your tires, they won’t wash clean. A pressure washer is perfect to clean them up with quickly and easily. If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can get by with just degreaser and a sponge. The degreaser will help loosen up the tar so that it comes off much more easily.

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Step 4: Remove Tar From ‘Flat Tires’

If the tar has dried all the way through to your tires (known as flat tires), you’ll need to scrape it up.

Step 5: Buff Your Tires

Buffers can get the tar off your tires in one swoop. This is just about the easiest way to remove all that road tar from your tire treads. If you don’t have a buffer, you can use a small hand-held power buffer or even just a razor blade.

Step 6: Scrap Tar Of Your Tires

Since you’ve cleaned your tires, the tar should just come right off. Just scrape it up with a razor blade or power buffer (avoid using an abrasive pad if you have a vulcanized tire).

Step 7: Repeat Steps 2-7

Until All The Tar Is Gone Now that all the tar is gone, you’ll want to wax your new tires to protect them from road tar in the future. Click here to read about how to wax your tires.

Step 8: Inspect The Tire

You should inspect for damaged or worn out parts before you get new tires in the future. This includes the tire tread, sidewalls, and tires.

Pro Tips to Remove Tar From a Car

  • Place a few drops of dish soap or rubbing alcohol in your hands and gently rub the tar off.
  • Use the same method as outlined, but be careful with the hot water on your tires.
  • The heat from your car can help loosen up the tar if you don’t have a heat gun. You may want to turn down your radio orip.mp3 as well.
  • Don’t drive for at least an hour after removing tar from your tires.


The tar is off the tires, it is not tough to do. In fact, you can save some money because there’s no need for you to pay for the outside service to clean it up with your car. You just need a few tools and some of them are commonly used in the house such as a knife, hairdryer or even olive oil.

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