How to Remove Ceramic Coating Right & Easily

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How to Remove Ceramic Coating Right & Easily

We all know the benefits that ceramic coating brings to our cars. But, when you need to remove for a new layer or just because something went wrong with the installation in the first place, do you know the way? Well, in this blog, I’ll show you 3 methods on how to remove ceramic coating right and easily.


Ways Ceramic Coating Can Go Wrong

Ceramic coating can be considered as the best protection you can get for your car, but only if applied right and maintained properly. It’s easy to install a new layer when the old one has just been removed, but if it’s been installed quite a while ago and you need to get rid of it now, this may not be that easy.

  1. What are the ways ceramic coating can go wrong?
  2. Not using proper adhesive.
  3. Not removing a layer properly before installing the new one.
  4. Failure to use proper tools
  5. Using inadequate techniques
  6. Rusting of painted areas by water during snow, hail, and rainfalls.
  7. Delamination of ceramic coating from the under layers below it on your car shell.
  8. Use of any poor-quality ceramic coating adhesive that is not meant for your car type or application.

How To Remove Ceramic Coating with 3 Methods

There is no single in how to remove the ceramic coating. It may depend on how old the coating is to find the most suitable method. Below are the 3 most common ways to remove the ceramic coating.

#1 Use Chemical Removal

To take out a ceramic coating layer, you can choose to use chemical removal. There are products that contain acids, which dissolve the ceramic coating layer, and also some of the materials and/or colorings that were included in the coating.

With these products, you just have to spray it over the surface of your car shell and leave it for a while to dry completely before you can rinse off the residue. Some stains may be left behind as this method does not always work.

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Alkaline is a favorite product used by many car detailers as it is strong. However, it can damage the paint underneath if not used right.

#2 Use Clay in Combination with Other Products

If your ceramic coating is really old, then you can apply this method. The clay itself can’t break the ceramic coating but when it’s combined with other products, the aged coating can be removed.

A great combination is of clay and iron dust. Mix them well, then apply the mixture to the car’s body. Use a grinder polisher to get the job done perfectly.

#3 Use Polish

This can be said the most effective method in removing ceramic coating by pro car detailers. If you want to put a new layer on, this way will save you time. Only a little bit of polish is needed to get the job done.

What kind of polish can be used to remove the ceramic coating? Billet polishes are the best option. You can use them easily and they do not contain any acids. They are safer for your car than other products around the market. So, when removing the ceramic coating, this could be your best choice of products to use.

How Do You Remove Swirl Marks From Ceramic Coating?

Unfortunately, swirl marks can appear on the ceramic coating as well. To remove the swirl marks, the best way is to polish them. You can make your ceramic coating look new at the same time by using SKD ceramic polishing compound. You could use even more than one layer of paint to get the job done.

Now, let us take a look at some other methods that can be used to remove swirl marks on your car.

#1 Use Wax Polish

Swirl marks are caused by the friction between two layers of paint, which is the swirl marks on your car.

To get rid of them, you can use wax polish. Adding the wax polish to the wax-based paint will break up any resistance between the layers of paint on your car. Wax polish is also good for more than one layer of coatings as well. It’s easy to apply and wipe away and it helps restore your car’s shine quickly.

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#2 Use Dressing Wax

This method may require two coats to help remove swirl marks from your car’s ceramic coating.
Dressing wax will help seal your ceramic coating properly. By applying a thin layer of dressing wax, you can protect your car from the environmental elements. It’s also good for helping you bring out the shine on your car body.

#3 Use Edge Work Method

You may have heard of people using the edge work method in removing swirl marks from their car’s paint job and now you might be wondering what is edge work. It’s when you use your mechanical skills to polish your car’s ceramic coating using a cotton pad. One layer of wax coating can help remove the swirl marks on your car. You would also have to follow up with this step by applying a small amount of wax polish to complete the job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Is Ceramic Coating Permanent?

Ceramic coating is long-lasting, but it depends on how well you maintain it. So, if you are covering your car’s body with ceramic coating, then apply it right and maintain it properly.

#2 How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last?

The thickness of the layer is one way of determining the length of time that ceramic coating will last. You can get ceramic coating for your car in different thicknesses. Therefore, ceramic coating can last up to 10 years on a vehicle if you properly maintain it.

#3 Can You Wax Over Ceramic Coating?

Yes, waxing is a great way to fix minor defects on a ceramic coating. To make it last, you can also wax over the ceramic coating if the paint job underneath it is already good.

#4 How Do You Touch Up Ceramic Coating?

Touching up ceramic coating is easy and it can be done by anyone. You just have to make sure that you have the right tools and products for the job.

#5 Can I Clay Bar Ceramic Coating?

Yes, you can clay bar ceramic coating and you should. It is a good way to remove any contamination on your car and it also helps to remove the swirl marks that are already on the surface of the coating.

#6 How Do You Clean Ceramic Coating?

You can clean your car’s ceramic coating with any harsh chemicals that are safe for your car. You will need to use the right processes to remove the oil, dirt, and other materials on the ceramic coating that are left behind after you buff it out.

Final Words

To conclude, ceramic coating is safe for you and your car. It’s a great option to have if you want to cover your car with a layer of wax or paint. In case you need to remove it, I bet you know how now.

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