Is RV Ceramic Coating Worth It?

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Is RV Ceramic Coating Worth It?

An RV ceramic coating is worth considering if you want to keep your lovely mobile home looking brand new. However, its price can make you wonder if it’s worthwhile. It costs a few thousand dollars to put the ceramic coating on the entire RV. So is RV ceramic coating worth it compared to regular waxing and polishing?

Today, we’ll examine this protector attentively to determine whether you should consider using it for your RV.

What Is a Ceramic Coating for an RV?

You can use an RV ceramic coating, a chemical polymer solution, to shield the paint and decals outside your RV from harm. Additionally, this solution forms a hydrophobic layer that repels water and facilitates quick and simple cleaning.

A ceramic coating fits in with the finish of your RV and protects the original paint. It functions similarly to wax but is more weather resistant and lasts much longer. In addition, this transparent coating aids in shielding the finish of your RV from UV radiation and even chemical stains from typical driving circumstances.

Is RV Ceramic Coating Worth It?

A high-quality ceramic coating is an investment in your RV. If you decide to do this, you preserve the finish for future years. It will keep your RV looking brand new, whether you intend to sell it or keep it for a while. The results you want can be achieved using ceramic coating, which can work wonders. I think it’s a wise decision for many RVers and something you should consider.

Let’s compare annual waxing with one-time ceramic coating regarding finances. According to the manufacturer’s warranty, a ceramic coating application for an RV should cost between $5000 and $6,000 and can last for 6-7 years. In the meantime, plan to spend between $4200 and $5600 over the course of 7 years if you decide to wax your RV. The figures are pretty close, but since waxed RVs need to be refinished every six months, you’ll need to invest more time in maintaining your mobile home.

Ceramic Coating Advantages

Let me simply explain a few of the key aspects of ceramic coating.

  • It keeps the clear coat safe.
  • It safeguards the paint by preserving the clear coat.
  • Eliminates the need for waxing. Wax is used to protect the transparent coat.
  • The degree of hardness affects how long a product will survive in ideal circumstances.
  • Must continue to wash *regularly* and shield the paint from common irritants like insects and bird droppings, etc.
  • Consistency check must be done periodically.
  • Some brands provide a lifetime warranty.

How Long Will a Ceramic Coating on an RV Last?

The quality of the coating, the number of layers you apply, and how well you maintain it will all affect how long a ceramic coating lasts. Cheap ceramic coatings are most likely only going to last a year. However, the expensive options can be used throughout the whole life of your RV.

Make sure you purchase a high-quality ceramic coating if you want your investment to last. You must also properly maintain it. A thorough spray down every few weeks might make your coating last longer on your RV.

Is There a Downside to Ceramic Coating?

Although ceramic coating has many great benefits, you should be aware of a few serious drawbacks. First, it’s difficult to apply a ceramic coating on your RV. Misusing it can result in an uneven, hazy, or spotted finish on your RV. Therefore, if you lack confidence or experience, we do not advise it.

You should probably hire an expert to work on your RV because it isn’t a simple task. Unfortunately, this implies that you’ll probably have to spend much money to attain the desired outcomes. You’ll need to refinish your coating every year or two for maximum benefits and the substantial upfront cost.