PDR Glue Removers: What You Need to Know

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PDR Glue Removers

After doing Paintless Dent Repair, you’re going to need PDR glue removers. Do you know what is the best PDR glue remover that is safe to use? Let read through this article.

What Removes PDR Glue

Nowadays there is a product which specially made of PDR glue removers. It is isopropyl alcohol, denatured alcohol, dent magic glue & wax remover release agent, or deodorant. Don’t be confused with the word alcohol, these things are not drinkable.

#1 Isopropyl Alcohol

This solution is the best for your vehicle dent. This solution is colorless, tasteless, and non-flammable. This solution is also found in most households which is quite easy to get.
Isopropyl alcohol is a very common cleaning agent as it is regarded as one of the safest options.

#2 Denatured Alcohol

This product is used as a solvent, it has a high safety factor and it also used to remove dried paint coatings and certain adhesives. It also comes in various forms such as spray, gel, or liquid. However, denatured alcohol is ethanol mixed with additives, which is harmful to human health.

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Although denatured alcohol is a very effective cleaning agent, it has an awful smell. Make sure you wear protective glasses and gloves when you use it.

#3 Dent Magic

It is a polyurethane lacquer that is used to repair certain dents and it contains no solvents. It is also called hydrophobic and this product contains ethylene vinyl acetate. It doesn’t react with water but it reacts to acid.

#4 Wax Remover Release Agent

It is a clear almost colorless polymer that has a very low melting point. When you drop this substance in your car, it will melt down on the impact of the drop. Hence, it is very safe.

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However, this substance has a very low melting point and the melting point of this substance is lower than the temperature of a car engine. Therefore, it may cause severe damage to the engine of your vehicle.

#5 Deodorant

It is epoxy resin, which is a type of plastic adhesive. It means that you don’t have to worry about the harmful effects of glues and synthetic adhesives as it contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Which is The Best PDR Removal?

As a professional body shop, always prefer the best PDR glue removers that are safe and effective. Well, it is alcohol. I am sure you have heard the word alcohol before. So what is so special about it?

I am personally using denatured alcohol on my vehicles because it is so good for removing PDR glue. I can use this product without any fear at all. It works great on my car and doesn’t harm my car engine at all. However, there is one problem with denatured alcohol. It is very dangerous and harmful to health when used on the skin. No matter what you do, remember to wear protective glasses and gloves.

However, I can’t say that it’s not a good product because it is absolutely the best PDR removal solution available in the market today.

What To Do After Removing PDR Glue

Now that you have removed PDR glue, it is time to restore your vehicle. There will be some release agent left on the car. Thus, you will need to wash them away to avoid any adverse effects. However, if you are lucky enough, you can wash the release agent away with water and warm water.

Just make sure to use a soft brush to clean PDR glue off your car.

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Finally, I highly suggest that you spend some time polishing the affected area to have a shiny look.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 What Removes PDR Glue?

Isopropyl Alcohol, Dent Magic, Deodorant, Wax Remover Release Agent, and Denatured Alcohol are effective in removing PDR glue.

#2 What Is the Best PDR Glue Remover That Is Safe to Use?

The best PDR glue remover for me is denatured alcohol because it comes in spray form. I can easily apply it to a dented area with just a couple of sprays. The product is also very effective at removing PDR glue. It doesn’t harm your vehicle engine as well.

#3 Can You Use Normal Glue Sticks for PDR?

Normal glue sticks are not effective in removing PDR glue. You need glue that is specially designed for PDR.

#4 Does Hot Glue Damage Car Paint?

No, it doesn’t. Hot glue is actually designed to reinforce weak joints and improve the structural strength of a car body. Therefore, you can safely use hot glue on your car paint.

#5 How Long Does it Take to Remove the PDR Glue?

This depends on the type of product that you are using to remove PDR glue. Some products take a long time to work but some are more effective in removing PDR glue. This depends on your preference as well.