Can You Pressure Wash Car Seat Belts – A Complete Guide to Clean Seat Belts!

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Can you pressure wash car seat belts

If you have children, you know how quickly your car gets dirty, especially the car seat belts. They grab food and snack with their hands and many end up at your seat belts. Can you pressure wash car seat belts? This is a common question as you can finish the cleaning fast and effectively with a pressure washer. In this blog, I’ll solve your wonder, let read on.

Why Your Car Seat Belts Must Always Be Clean?

Rain, snow, pet hair. These are the most common reasons why you have to clean up your car seat belts. Filthy seat belts depreciate the car value and cause health issues for passengers. The dirtiness of ride seat belts affects passengers’ health. You may have a hard time cleaning the mess with soap and water, but if you use a pressure washer, it’s super easy.

Can You Pressure Wash Car Seat Belts?

The answer is yes if you get to the right setting. Pressure washers can be very powerful. If you wash car seat belts with high pressure, they will be damaged, in particular the seat belt webbings. You don’t want seat belts that lost their flexibility and firmness.
You should set your pressure washer at a low setting (eg 500 dpi or 1 GPM) to wash car seat belts so that they won’t be harmed.

How to Clean Seat Belts By Pressure Washer

There is a way to clean your car seat belts every day without hassle. Even with just a few minutes and some tools at hand, it is possible to give that crud-filled car seat belt a good deep cleaning with nothing more than some water and a pressure washer.

What You Will Need for the Job:

Pressure washer (electric pressure washers are best unless you have a gas power washer that works). Pressure washers have varying capabilities for cleaning, some can be used for wet-wiping and others are designed to clean delicate car accessories like car seat belts.

Pressure washer hose (18″ is generally sufficient but you may need a longer hose).

A clamp to hold the seat belts.

Soft plastic brush (a large one to handle dirty car seat belts and some other delicate car accessories, plus small ones for the sides of the seats and undercarriage). The larger one is easier to use – but not necessary.

Car wash soap or dishwashing soap. I use just regular dish soap. A bucket big enough to hold the dirtiest car seat belts

Some rags or towels to cover other parts of your car. The idea is to get the dirtiest parts of the car clean, so nothing has to touch the seats.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • First, pull the seat belts out of the car as far as possible, use the clamp to position them. Then, connect your pressure washer hose to the back of your car, start the engine and turn on the water.
  • If you are using a pressure washer with a wand attached, you can hold the wand in your hand while cleaning. If you are using an electric pressure washer without a wand (like me), just point the jet nozzle of the electric pressure washer toward your car seat belt.
  • Now it’s time to spray the car wash soap on. Then use the brush to scrub it for a while.
  • Dirty car seat belts can be particularly difficult to clean because the dirt, especially dirt under the surface of the belt, is not visible from the sides or front. To remove the dirt that can’t be seen, I use a soft bristle brush.
  • Now use the pressure washer to give a good rinse front and back.

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  • Finally, dry the seat belts with towels or an air blower. If you do this on a dry day, then you can leave seat belts under the sun.

Repeat the process for other seat belts.

How to Clean Seat Belts by Hand

You don’t need much stuff for this: car wash soap, towels, brush, and a clamp.
Actually, cleaning seat belts by hand is best to protect them from over-stretching. This method is really not risky if you follow these steps.

Again use the clamp to position the seat belt far away from the car.
Next, spray the car wash soap on the seat belt, especially on stained areas. Then, use a soft brush to scrub the soap. When you are ready to rinse, be sure to hold the seat belt with your hands.

Afterward, dry it with towels or an air blower.

Repeat the process for other seat belts.

Useful Tips for Cleaning Seat Belts

Check your car’s manual for the names of all the components that you need to clean, rinse, and dry to get rid of dirt and grime.

You can use baby shampoo in the same way, but it’s better to use only one kind of soap. You should not mix different types of soaps in your car because they often create foam which will be difficult to remove afterward.

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Don’t forget about the air vent hose. Make sure to clean under the base of the air vent.

Don’t forget to clean your car seat belt on a regular basis, so it doesn’t get dirty again in a few months.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 How Do You Get Stains Out of Car Seat Belts?

You can use the cutest home remedies to get stains out of car seat belts. For example, if your kids spill a drink on their car seat belts, you can try:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Lemon Juice
  • Baking Soda

If you don’t have any of these ingredients, you can just place them in a bowl and agitate for 20 minutes. Car seat belts absorb the soapy water and the stain will eventually disappear.

#2 How Do You Clean Smelly Seat Belts?

If your seat belts have a bad smell, you can use just hot water to rinse them. Afterward, pat the seat belt dry.

#3 How Long Can You Wash a Car Seat Belt Before It Gets Dried Out?

The car seat belt is designed for outdoors and it’s made of nylon which is quite durable. So you can wash and dry it every day but not more than that because the elasticity of nylon will get worse with every wash and drying.

#4 What Is the Best Cleaner for Seat Belts?

The best cleaner for car seat belts is water because it can remove all kinds of dirt. If you want to use soap, use car wash soap or dishwashing soap.

#5 How Do You Wash Leather Seat Belts?

Leather seats are more delicate than fabric or nylon seat belts. However, if you follow the instructions above, you should be able to clean them safely without problems.

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#6 What Is the Best Way to Clean Seat Belts?

There is no single best way to clean seat belts but the ways below should help:

They are all safe for the car.
They are convenient and easy to use.
They are affordable and get rid of dirt fast.

Some people like using a pressure washer which can be dangerous if you don’t use it right.


Keeping car seat belts clean is important and you should do it regularly. For saving time and efficiency, you may ask can you pressure wash car seat belts? Remember you can but with the correct setting. I hope this article is useful to you. If you have any other interesting ideas, please let me know.