Can You Apply Simple Green On Car Paint & Exterior Parts?

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Can You Apply Simple Green On Car Paint

This article is about whether or not you can apply Simple Green on car paint. Simple green is a product that is designed to clean surfaces, so it should be able to do this. But does it? That’s what we’re going to find out!

Simple Green on Car Exterior

Yes, Simple Green can be used to clean your car exteriors. In fact, it’s actually good for the paint. Nothing bad will happen to your paint.

The main ingredient used in making Simple Green all-purpose cleaner is safe and non-corrosive. It’s a wonderful cleaner for cleaning just about anything. However, you have to dissolve the detergent before using it to wash your car.

Car wash soaps are not all made equal. Some are made for washing cars, some are made for scrubbing grease and grime off, and some are made for general cleaning. This is because they may contain certain reactive chemicals that can eat up your car paint if you pour the formula directly to your car, without dissolving it.

Car washes are one of the main causes of car paint damage. They strip off all the waxes and oils that protect your paint and cause it to become dull and brittle.

Is Simple Green Safe On Car Paint?

Apparently, if you leave your car under a car wash for even a short period of time, the leftover water will leave a stain that’s very difficult (if not impossible) to remove from the paint. Sometimes, this can cause the area to rust. And since rust is not easily removed either, you have no choice but to repaint the area or scrap it.

Washing your vehicle with Simple Green will give it a clean and fresh look, but it should only be used when car washes are required or when the vehicle gets dirty and looks scruffy. Using it otherwise can cause minor to major damage to your vehicle.

If you put some simple green in water it will become safe to use on your car, but you should never let the water that comes out of your car when you wash it with plain water dry on your car. It will leave an oily residue which is very difficult to wash off. This is why it is best to wash your car under the shade so that the water will not evaporate quickly due to the sun. This will ensure that your wax will be as effective as possible.

In other words, simple green causes no harm to the color of the paint unless it is allowed to stay on the paint for an extended period of time, and this has to occur several times for the paint to become chipped or otherwise damaged.

Guide To Wash A Car With Simple Green

There are many “green” car washes and car cleaning products available that are produced by Simple Green. The most common green product is called “All-Purpose Cleaner”.

  • Rinse the car with water
  • Dissolve all-purpose Simple Green with water and make it foamy.
  • Use car wash mitts to start washing.
  • You shouldn’t allow the dirty water to sit on the car for too long. It could harm the finish.
  • Use microfiber cloths to dry the car completely.

If you are using a pressure washer to wash your vehicle, make sure that you are using the right nozzle, and that you are using an adequate amount of cleaning solution. Washing your vehicle with a pressure washer will remove grime, dust, and other debris, but the scrubbing action of the pressure washer will also affect the paint job.

Make sure to pay attention to how to properly use a pressure washer. While using it on your car, pay close attention to the parts you are going to wash so as not to damage anything that does not need to come in contact with water.

Final Thought

You can use Simple Green on any surface you want, even your car, and you can use Simple Green in the same way you would use regular car wash soap. In fact, using Simple Green is an easy way to give your car a deep clean without using any harsh chemicals. It’s only when you follow the best practices that it’s difficult for anything bad to happen to your car.