Why Are Toyota Tacomas So Expensive? Good Value or Overhyped Model!

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Why Are Toyota Tacomas So Expensive

You may want to think twice before getting a Toyota Tacoma because they can be pretty pricey. However, if you’re looking for a late-model SUV with some serious off-road capability and reliability, this might be the one for you. But, why are Toyota Tacomas so expensive? Let’s look at some incredible features of this model.

Why are Toyota Tacomas so expensive?

Toyota cars are well-known for their long-lasting and Toyota Tacomas is one of their picks. This pickup truck lasts and requires very low maintenance throughout its life. Therefore, Toyota Tacomas hold their value.

The Toyota Tacoma is quite a utility vehicle; when it’s up for sale, you can easily sell your mechanical parts to another buyer.

Toyota cars are built of steel and aluminum. This makes them both strong and light. Toyota Tacomas are also very durable in comparison to other cars. They have a car-replacement price tag which can be as high as $25,000 (which is pretty high), depending on the model and trim level that you go for.

Toyota Tacomas was introduced in 1995 and it immediately got a very high rating from users over the years. In 2021, this car received an overall rating of 7.2/10, ranking 3rd place compared to its peers. This pickup truck is built for off-road lovers with an advanced safety system so its price was pushed to a higher level.

One of the exceptional features of this off-road truck is its towing capacity of more than 6 tons, attached to a V6 engine.

When you take a good look at the Toyota Tacomas, you’ll be surprised that it is not much different from the 1990s. Its cabin design is simple and minimal, with a few metallic accents here and there. The exterior design, of course, keeps up with current trends.

Is a Tacoma a good investment?

Here are the reasons that make a Tacoma a good investment:

Toyota Tacomas hold their value

According to research, this model doesn’t lose its value as quickly as its peers. Its resale price is pretty high. A Tacomas can keep about 70% of its value after 5 years, which is more than a Jeep Wrangler

High in demand

As its stability in value, many truck enthusiasts are still looking for Toyota Tacomas for sale. By 2021, the auto industry is in short of many auto parts, which pushed the price of Toyota Tacomas further. As this model is built to last for a long time, many buyers are willing to pay much higher prices for it.

High quality

Toyota Tacomas also has high-quality parts that help it last for a long time. The air conditioning system and the powertrain system are durable. This model has an overall reliability rating of more than 70%. This is because many parts of the truck can easily be replaced. If you need something done, you can easily go to a mechanic and ask him or her to perform the work.

More fuel efficiency than its peers

If you love to spend money on gas, then this Toyota Tacoma may be right for you. This model has a fuel efficiency of 19/21/20 mpg for city/highway/combined driving. When we compare it with other cars, this truck is still very good. Its fuel consumption is very low when compared to other trucks of the same type, size, and price tag. Therefore, drivers can save lots of money on gas.

Low maintenance cost

Even though the cost upfront is quite high, Toyota Tacomas owners don’t have to spend much on regular maintenance. Therefore, it depreciates less than other trucks.

Why are used Toyota Tacoma models so expensive?

A used Toyota Tacoma is a good buy for consumers. This vehicle is quite expensive when compared to its peers. The price of a ’97 Toyota Tacoma can be as high as $45,000. This model has a lot in common with the current Tacoma models.

Toyota Tacomas were released in 1995. Its high-quality design and advanced technology made it one of the most trusted pickup trucks in the U.S at that time.

Prices of used Toyota Tacomas have been increasing in the past five years or so. Therefore, if you’re in search of a used pickup truck, you won’t be finding the model that you want for a cheaper price.

Furthermore, Toyota decided to redesign the Tacomas model in 2016. Since then its reliability dropped as newer model owners reported some issues with current models. This is why some used models are even more expensive than new ones.


What year Tacoma Not to Buy?

The year of a Tacoma: you will see a big difference in price. The first-generation trucks are still in high demand, whereas, 2006-2016 models are not in favor of many drivers as they were reported with many issues related to riding quality or cabin insulation.

Are Tacoma Parts Expensive?

If you want to repair a part of your Toyota Tacoma, you will find that it is affordable. This is also the reason why it’s known for its low maintenance costs.

According to many owners, transmission is one of the most expensive parts of a Toyota Tacoma. The price and quality of this component vary from model to model.

Which is better Tacoma or Tundra?

If you want a strong and reliable truck, then either model will suit your needs. Both models are excellent in terms of design and maintenance. However, the Tundra is a bit more popular than the Tacoma.

The Tundra outperformance Tacoma in terms of power and payload while the design of Tacoma is more comfortable than the Tundra.

Final Words

If you are in search of a pickup truck that can serve you for a long time, then a Toyota Tacoma is the model to choose. It’s built of durable materials, has a good engine and its maintenance costs are low. The major downside of this vehicle is its high upfront price.