What is this Toby Unfulfilled Wish?

Toby Keith’s unfulfilled wish was to attend Blake Shelton’s upcoming concert in Oklahoma which was also a benefit for the Country Music Hall of Fame.

The video talks about how much Toby Keith wanted to be there and how Blake Shelton was gutted that he couldn’t make it. Even though Toby Keith passed away before he could be there in person, Blake Shelton says that Toby Keith will be there in spirit.

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Blake Shelton and Toby Keith appear to have had a close relationship. The video talks about how Blake Shelton opened for Toby Keith early on in his career and they spent two years on the road together.

They seemed to have a friendly rapport as Blake Shelton joked about Toby Keith not winning any awards at an award show. Toby Keith also attended Blake Shelton’s mom’s concert and wanted to attend Blake Shelton’s upcoming concert in Oklahoma. This suggests that they were not only colleagues but also friends.


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