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About the song

Conway Twitty’s “Happy Birthday Darlin’”: A Country Music Classic

Conway Twitty was one of the most successful country music singers of all time. With his smooth, deep voice and romantic lyrics, he had a string of hits throughout his career, including “Hello Darlin’,” “You’ve Never Been This Far Before,” and “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man.”

One of Twitty’s most beloved songs is “Happy Birthday Darlin’,” which was released in 1979. The song is a heartfelt ballad about a man who is celebrating his wife’s birthday. He tells her how much he loves her and how grateful he is to have her in his life.

The song begins with the man singing, “Hello darlin’, happy birthday.” He then goes on to list all the things he loves about his wife, including her smile, her eyes, and her laugh. He tells her that she is the most beautiful woman in the world and that he is the luckiest man alive to be married to her.

The chorus of the song is simple but effective: “Happy birthday darlin’, I’ve no presents, no fancy cake. But I hope I’ll make you happy with everything I take.” The man is not giving his wife any material gifts for her birthday, but he is giving her something much more valuable: his love and devotion.

The song ends with the man singing, “I love you more than words can say.” This is a powerful statement of love that any wife would be happy to hear.

“Happy Birthday Darlin’” is a beautiful and timeless song that is sure to touch the hearts of anyone who hears it. It is a perfect song for any occasion, but it is especially meaningful on a birthday. If you are looking for a song to express your love for someone special, “Happy Birthday Darlin’” is a perfect choice.

Here are some additional details about the song:

  • The song was written by Chuck Howard.
  • It was released as the third and final single from Twitty’s album Cross Winds.
  • The song reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart in 1980.
  • It was the 23rd of Twitty’s 40 number-one singles.
  • The song has been covered by many artists, including Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, and George Strait.