About The Song

Released in 1972, this ballad isn’t a foot-stomping anthem or a playful duet. It’s a quiet, introspective look back on a love affair gone sour, a lament sung by a man grappling with the weight of his own mistakes. The parenthetical addition to the title, (Lost Her Love), itself hints at a deeper story, a love perhaps unnamed or unspoken but nonetheless cherished.

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The opening lines set the stage for a tale of regret: “It’s over, our love affair / Too late now I find I care.” Twitty doesn’t waste time with flowery declarations. He’s blunt, acknowledging the relationship’s demise and his belated realization of its importance. This honesty is a hallmark of Twitty’s songwriting – a willingness to confront his character’s flaws and vulnerabilities.

[Lost Her Love] On Our Last Date isn’t a song about grand gestures or dramatic arguments. It’s about the quiet moments, the unspoken words that fester and erode a relationship. We can almost picture the protagonist, alone with his thoughts, the weight of his actions settling in. The song becomes a poignant reflection on missed opportunities, a chance encounter that could have saved things left unaddressed.

The melody, penned by pianist Floyd Cramer, complements the melancholic lyrics perfectly. It’s a slow, mournful waltz, punctuated by the gentle strains of a pedal steel guitar. This instrumentation allows Twitty’s voice to take center stage, conveying the raw emotions of a man haunted by the memory of a lost love.

[Lost Her Love] On Our Last Date may not be one of Conway Twitty’s chart-topping hits, but it’s a song that resonates with anyone who has ever loved and lost. It’s a testament to his storytelling ability, his capacity to capture the complexities of human relationships in a simple yet profound way. So, sit back, close your eyes, and let Twitty’s voice transport you to a world of bittersweet memories and the lingering ache of a love that slipped away.

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