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About the song:

Conway Twitty. Now there’s a voice that could melt glaciers and mend broken hearts in equal measure. Few artists have embodied the soulful essence of country music quite like him, and his 1975 hit, Touch the Hand, is a prime example of that magic.

Touch the Hand isn’t your typical, foot-stomping barn burner. Instead, it’s a poignant ballad, a desperate plea from a man facing the unthinkable: the loss of his love. The song opens with a stark vulnerability, a world tilted off its axis. The narrator, with a tremor in his voice, tells us he’s heard his woman utter words that pierce him to the core – she wants to leave.

But rather than descend into anger or self-pity, Touch the Hand takes a more introspective turn. This isn’t a blame game; it’s a desperate attempt to rekindle a fading flame. The narrator believes, deep down, that the love is still there, buried beneath layers of hurt or unspoken grievances.

The crux of the song lies in its powerful central metaphor – the touch. He implores his woman to “Touch the hand of the man that made you a woman,” a plea that transcends the physical. It’s a call to remember the intimacy they shared, the foundation upon which their love was built.

Touch the Hand is more than just a love song; it’s a testament to the enduring power of shared experiences. The lyrics hint at a past filled with tenderness, a time when her touch sent shivers down her spine. By reconnecting with that visceral memory, the narrator hopes to reignite the spark, to remind her of the love that brought them together.

Twitty’s masterful delivery elevates the song’s emotional core. His baritone, rich with a lifetime of stories, imbues the lyrics with a heartfelt sincerity. We hear the tremor of fear, the flicker of hope, the raw vulnerability of a man on the verge of losing everything.

Touch the Hand is a song that resonates across generations. It’s a reminder that love, even the strongest kind, can falter. But sometimes, all it takes is a touch, a connection to the past, to rekindle the embers and find your way back to each other. So, settle in, let Conway Twitty weave his magic, and prepare to be transported by a song that speaks volumes about love, loss, and the enduring power of human connection.



Today I heard my woman say something I never heard her say before
She just told me that she was going to leave me and that she didn’t love me anymore
But I know that the loving kindness and the understanding is still there somewhere
So I’m gonna get down on my knees and I’m gonna say to my baby

Touch the hand of the man that made you a woman
Then tell me you don’t love me anymore

I was the first man to ever
Hold you in a special kind of way
And those unfamiliar feelings that caused you to tremble
I know you remember today
Before you decide that your gonna leave me
And do things you’ve never done before

Touch the hand of the man that made you a woman
Then tell me you don’t love me anymore

The two lips that once held sweet surprises
Surprised me and said goodbye today
And those two lovin’ arms that use to reach for me
Just reached out and pushed me away
I know you believe you don’t love me
Before you walk out that door

Touch the hand of the man that made you a woman
Then tell me you don’t love me anymore