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Ah, Crazy Horses by The Osmonds. Released in 1972, this song marks a fascinating turning point in the career of this iconic American musical family. The Osmonds, already household names by the early 70s, were known for their squeaky-clean teen pop sound. Think immaculately coiffed hair, saccharine melodies, and wholesome family entertainment.

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However, Crazy Horses hinted at a subtle yet significant shift. While still undeniably catchy and retaining the Osmonds’ signature harmonies, the song presented a more mature and contemporary sound. Released as the title track for their fourth studio album, it became a landmark single, reaching number 14 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and a surprising number 2 on the UK Singles Chart.

There are several factors that contribute to the intrigue surrounding Crazy Horses. Firstly, it marked a departure from the traditional Osmonds lead vocal structure. While Donny Osmond, the group’s heartthrob, typically took center stage, Crazy Horses featured the previously lesser-known Jay Osmond on lead vocals. This unexpected choice showcased the group’s depth of talent and hinted at a willingness to experiment.

Secondly, the song itself displayed a clear musical evolution. The Osmonds, known for their clean-cut pop, dipped their toes into a more soulful and rock-tinged sound. The driving rhythm section, courtesy of Merrill Osmond on bass and Alan Osmond on guitar, provided a solid foundation for the catchy melody. The layered harmonies, a staple of the Osmonds’ sound, were still present, but with a newfound sophistication.

Crazy Horses wasn’t a complete departure from their established style. The lyrics, penned by Alan, Merrill, and Wayne Osmond, remained light and playful, revolving around a young man’s fascination with a captivating and “crazy” girl. However, the underlying musical arrangement hinted at a more mature direction for the group, paving the way for their later forays into disco and country music.

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The success of Crazy Horses is a testament to The Osmonds’ ability to adapt and evolve. It showcased their willingness to experiment while retaining their core strengths: infectious melodies, tight harmonies, and undeniable talent. This song serves as a bridge between their earlier bubblegum pop and their later ventures into diverse genres, solidifying their place as one of America’s most versatile and enduring musical families.



“Crazy Horses”

There’s a message floatin’ in the air
Come from crazy horses riding everywhere
It’s a warning it’s in every tongue
Got to stop them crazy horses on the run
What a show there they go smokin’ up the sky yeah
Crazy horses all got riders and they’re you and I
Crazy Horses
Crazy Horses
Crazy Horses
Crazy Horses
Never stop and they never die
They just keep on puffin’ how the multiply
Crazy horses will they never halt
If they keep on movin’ then it’s all our fault
What a show…
So take a good look around
See what they’ve done
What they’ve done…
Crazy Horses…