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Let’s delve into the world of the King himself, Elvis Presley, and a particularly intriguing rendition of his classic, Baby, What You Want Me To Do. This specific version, the Alternate Cut from the legendary ’68 Comeback Special, offers a fascinating glimpse into the raw energy and electrifying atmosphere of that pivotal moment in Elvis’ career.

The ’68 Comeback Special marked a significant turning point for Presley. After a period dominated by Hollywood musicals and a perceived decline in his musical fire, Elvis returned to his roots. The Special stripped away the glitz and focused on the raw power of his voice and the infectious groove of his band. It was a triumphant return to form, reminding audiences why Elvis had become a rock and roll icon.

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Baby, What You Want Me To Do itself is a gem from Elvis’ early Sun Records days. Originally released in 1956, the song pulsates with a driving rhythm and blues feel. The lyrics are simple yet potent, a call-and-response between Elvis and a presumably alluring woman.

The core question – Baby, What You Want Me To Do – hangs heavy in the air, laced with a touch of playful defiance and a whole lot of simmering desire.

This Alternate Cut from the Comeback Special takes the song and injects it with a potent dose of live energy. We can almost feel the electricity crackling in the air as the band locks into a tight groove. The raw, unadulterated performance exposes the song’s core – a potent blend of blues, gospel, and rock and roll that would become the foundation of rock music.

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But what truly elevates this version is Elvis himself. Gone are the overly stylized gyrations of his film years. In their place, we see a focused, intense performer channeling the raw magnetism that first captivated audiences. His voice, stripped of studio polish, takes on a new urgency. There’s a growl in his lower register, a playful swagger in his delivery, and a palpable connection with the audience.

This Alternate Cut of Baby, What You Want Me To Do is more than just a song; it’s a document of a pivotal moment in music history. It’s a testament to Elvis Presley’s enduring talent and the electrifying power of a live performance.

It’s a reminder of why he remains the King, even decades after his reign began. So, press play, crank up the volume, and prepare to be transported back to 1968, where the King roared back to life, one electrifying song at a time.