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 Now that’s a song that brings back memories. Released in 1998, it was the second single from Strait’s equally classic album, One Step at a Time. Strait, the undisputed King of Country Music, was already a legend by then, with a career spanning over two decades. But “True” proved yet again why he held that title.

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This song wasn’t your typical, fast-paced country anthem. Instead, it was a slow, heartfelt ballad that resonated deeply with listeners. It spoke to something universal – the search for genuine connection and the unwavering belief in true love.

The beauty of “True” lies in its simplicity. The lyrics, penned by Marv Green and Jeff Stevens, are straightforward and unpretentious. Strait, with his signature smooth baritone, delivers them with a sincerity that cuts straight to the core. There’s no bravado, no unnecessary embellishment, just a man pouring his heart out about a love that feels, well, true.

The melody, a gentle waltz tempo, perfectly complements the lyrics. It’s a song that feels like a warm embrace, a comforting presence that washes over you. The instrumentation is tasteful and restrained, with acoustic guitar taking center stage, punctuated by subtle touches of piano and steel guitar. It allows Strait’s voice and the emotional weight of the lyrics to shine through.

“True” wasn’t just a hit; it was a cultural phenomenon. It topped the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and stayed there for weeks. It resonated with millions, becoming a wedding song favorite and a staple on country radio stations everywhere. But its impact goes beyond commercial success.

This song captured a certain essence of country music – the celebration of simple truths, the enduring power of love, and the unwavering belief in the good things in life. It reminded us that sometimes, the most profound emotions can be expressed in the most understated ways.

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Even today, over two decades later, “True” remains a timeless classic. It’s a song that transcends generations, a testament to the enduring power of Strait’s artistry and the universality of the themes it explores. So, if you’re looking for a song that speaks to the heart, a song that reminds you of the beauty of true love, then put on “True” and let George Strait weave his magic.




True in this modern world when two lovers get together
Chances of ’em ever makin’ it to forever
Couldn’t be better than two in a million hearts.
Girl this ain’t just another run of the mill emotion
What I’m feelin’ is the definition of devotion,
My love for you is true.[Chorus:]
True, like the sun comin’ up each mornin’
Bright as the light in a baby’s smile,
Sure as a mountain river windin’,
Right as the rain fallin’ from the sky,
Girl my love for you, is true.

True, not another minute on this Earth can be borrowed,
So there’s no way to know when I’ll live my last tomorrow
But everyday I get, I’ll share with you.
This feelin’ just keeps gettin’ stronger as the time goes by
It’s written on my face, you can see it in my eyes,
My love for you is true.