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About the song

John Denver’s Eagles and Horses. A song that evokes a powerful sense of freedom and connection with nature, a cornerstone of Denver’s musical identity. Released in 1971, it became a staple of his live performances and a beloved track on his album “Poems, Prayers & Promises.”

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Denver, a self-proclaimed champion of the environment and the open road, found constant inspiration in the natural world. This is evident throughout his vast discography, but Eagles and Horses stands out for its vivid imagery and symbolic language.

The song opens with a fascinating duality. Denver paints a picture of the horses, majestic creatures “who worship the earth,” yet “constrained by the wonder of dying and birth.” This inherent contradiction between the wild spirit and the physical limitations of life sets the stage for the central theme – the yearning for ultimate freedom.

The lyric “My body is merely the shell of my soul” further emphasizes this concept. Our physical bodies, according to Denver, are just vessels for the true essence of ourselves, the untamed spirit. This spirit, much like the eagles that “inhabit the heavenly heights,” desires to soar above limitations and experience true liberation.

The imagery of both the eagles and the horses is particularly significant. Eagles have long been associated with strength, majesty, and a connection to the divine. Their ability to effortlessly navigate the vastness of the sky embodies the yearning for boundless freedom. Horses, on the other hand, represent a more grounded power, a connection to the earth and a sense of partnership with nature.

Denver masterfully weaves these powerful symbols together. He sings of a vision, a moment of pure transcendence where he finds himself “High on a ridge in a race with the wind,” riding on the backs of both the eagles and the horses. This exhilarating image signifies the ultimate expression of freedom – a harmonious union between the boundless spirit and the raw power of nature.

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Eagles and Horses is more than just a pretty song about beautiful creatures. It’s a testament to the human desire to break free from constraints and experience the exhilaration of uninhibited existence. It’s a call to reconnect with the natural world, a place where Denver believed our spirits could truly find solace and liberation.