Sylvie Vartan & John Denver- Love again

About the song

John Denver’s Love Again. A song that whispers of resilience and the enduring power of love. Denver, a folk icon known for his anthemic odes to nature and Americana, explores a more personal theme here – the possibility of finding love after heartbreak.

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Released in 1986 on his album One World, Love Again arrived at a turning point in Denver’s career. The optimism and wide-eyed wonder that characterized his earlier work had matured into a seasoned contemplation. This is evident in the song’s introspective lyrics, which delve into the emotional aftermath of a failed relationship.

The opening lines paint a picture of resignation: “I didn’t think it could happen again, just too old and set in my ways.” Denver’s signature gentle strumming on the acoustic guitar underscores a sense of quiet acceptance. He admits to having built walls around his heart, convinced that a life of solitude awaited him.

The song then takes a poignant turn. The verse “Maybe I gave up on romance in my longing to give up the pain” reveals a vulnerability often unseen in Denver’s music. He acknowledges the self-protective mechanism of shutting down emotionally to avoid further hurt. This resonates deeply with listeners who have experienced the sting of heartbreak.

Love Again isn’t merely a lament, however. It’s a testament to the human spirit’s ability to heal and embrace new possibilities. The chorus explodes with a surge of hope: “But then you came along and changed my mind.” The music swells, mirroring the shift in Denver’s emotional landscape. The simple yet evocative lyric “Love again, I never thought I’d love again” speaks volumes. It’s a declaration of newfound belief in the transformative power of love.

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Love Again stands out in Denver’s discography for its exploration of mature themes. It’s a song that resonates particularly with those who have experienced the complexities of love and loss. Denver’s sincerity and the song’s relatable narrative have ensured its enduring popularity. Even today, Love Again offers solace and encouragement to those who might be feeling jaded or closed off to love. It’s a reminder that even after the winter of heartbreak, spring can always bloom again.



“Love Again”

I didn’t think it could happen again, just too old and set in my ways.
I was convinced I would always be lonely all of the rest of my days.
Maybe I gave up on romance in my longing to give up the pain,

I just didn’t believe I would ever love again.I was like one who had shut myself in, closed the windows, locked all the doors.
Afraid of the dark and the beat of my heart, yet knowing there had to be more.
Though it sounds like a great contradiction, it’s the easiest thing to explain,
you see, I was afraid I might never love again.What does it take for a blind man to see that there’s more there than just meets the eye?

What are the ways that the magic comes in that can turn a song into a sigh?
Sometimes I think that I’m dreaming or maybe I’m going insane,
or maybe it’s just that I’m falling in love again.

Here I am standing beside you, oh, life’s such a wonderful game.
Look at me now, I’m falling in love, look at me now, I’m falling in love,
look at me now, I’m falling in love again.

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