Olivia Newton-John and John Denver -The Flower That Shattered The Stone

About The Song

Fly Away, a timeless duet that beautifully captures the essence of John Denver’s signature sound – a gentle blend of folk and country with a touch of wistful optimism.

While credited solely to Denver, the song wouldn’t be the same without the ethereal vocal harmonies provided by the incomparable Olivia Newton-John. Released in 1975 from Denver’s album Windsong, Fly Away quickly soared up the charts, becoming a crossover success that resonated with both country and pop audiences.

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Denver, a singer-songwriter known for his love of nature and exploration, often weaved themes of freedom and escape into his music. Fly Away is no exception.

The opening lines, sung by Denver, paint a vivid picture of restlessness: “The city streets are hot and loud, the traffic fumes fill up the air” – a sentiment most listeners can relate to at some point. This urban discontent creates a yearning for something more, a yearning that blossoms into the song’s central theme – the desire to break free and chase dreams.

Olivia Newton-John enters with a voice as light as a summer breeze, harmonizing perfectly with Denver. “Let’s fly away,” she sings, “to a land we’ve never seen.” This simple refrain becomes the song’s driving force, a mantra for those seeking a fresh start or a simpler way of life.

The lyrics don’t dwell on specifics; the “land we’ve never seen” remains undefined, allowing listeners to project their own desires onto the song’s canvas. Perhaps it’s a secluded mountain cabin, a pristine beach paradise, or even a metaphorical escape from the burdens of daily life.

The beauty of Fly Away lies in its simplicity. The instrumentation is understated, featuring gentle acoustic guitar picking, a light drumbeat, and occasional flourishes of strings and flute. This allows the focus to remain on Denver and Newton-John’s vocals, which create a sense of intimacy and shared longing. The melody itself is deceptively simple, following a folk-inspired structure that’s both memorable and soothing.

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Fly Away transcends genre and generation. It’s a song for dreamers, for those who yearn for a life less ordinary, a sentiment that remains as relevant today as it was in 1975. Whether you’re listening on a road trip through open country or seeking solace in the comfort of your own home, Fly Away offers a gentle invitation to take flight, if only for the duration of the song, and lose yourself in the beauty of possibility.