Toby Keith, 'A Few More Cowboys' Lyric Video [Exclusive Premiere]

About the Song

Toby Keith, a true titan of country music. Now, Mr. Keith is known for his unapologetic patriotism, his anthems dedicated to the American heartland, and of course, his love for all things cowboy. That brings us to his 2016 single, A Few More Cowboys.

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This song might raise a few eyebrows for those unfamiliar with Keith’s style. It’s not a ballad about lost love on the ranch, nor is it a foot-stompin’ ode to a rodeo victory. A Few More Cowboys is a much more pointed piece, a social commentary wrapped in a country drawl.

Keith paints a picture of a world gone astray, filled with “outlaws” and “bad calls.” He suggests a solution, but it’s not one you might hear from every country artist. A Few More Cowboys argues for a world with more grit, less political correctness, and a healthy dose of good ol’ fashioned cowboy values.

Now, this isn’t to say Keith is advocating for a return to the Wild West. He’s not calling for six-shooters at dawn or a lawless society. Instead, he seems to be yearning for a simpler time, where a handshake was your word and hard work was its own reward. A Few More Cowboys is a plea for honesty, integrity, and the kind of self-reliance often associated with the cowboy archetype.

Of course, the song isn’t without its playful jabs. Keith throws in a line about the White House being in Texas for “straighter answers” and suggests less paperwork and more action. It’s a wink to his audience, a way of acknowledging the sometimes-exaggerated image of the cowboy but also celebrating the spirit it represents.

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A Few More Cowboys might not be your typical country song, but that’s part of what makes it so intriguing. It’s a song that will have you nodding along to the beat while also pondering the gesellschaft versus gemeinschaft – the societal structures versus the sense of community – that Keith believes is missing in today’s world.

So, put on your boots, grab your hat (or ten-gallon Stetson, if you have one), and let’s delve into the world of Toby Keith’s A Few More Cowboys.