Dave's Diary - 18/1/14 - Toby Keith Feature

About the Song

Howdy, music lovers! Settle in for a tune that tugs at the heartstrings, a ballad that evokes the spirit of the American West by country music powerhouse Toby Keith. This song, titled “Last Living Cowboy”, was released in 2013 on his album Drinks After Work.

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Now, Toby Keith is a name synonymous with ramblin’ men, anthems about the American way of life, and a healthy dose of patriotism. But “Last Living Cowboy” takes a more contemplative turn.

This song isn’t about ten-gallon hats and dusty trails, at least not entirely. It’s about a man, weathered by time, reflecting on a fading way of life. Keith paints a picture of a grizzled old cowboy, likely in his late eighties, reminiscing on simpler times. The lyrics mention him being down on “Main Street,” perhaps the only remnant of a once-thriving frontier town.

“Last Living Cowboy” is a poignant reminder that the Wild West, as romanticized in stories and songs, is a bygone era. This track is sure to resonate with anyone who cherishes wide-open spaces, self-reliance, and the enduring spirit of the American cowboy. So, put on your boots, metaphorical or otherwise, and let Toby Keith take you on a journey through the twilight of the Wild West.

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