Toby Keith electrifies Darien Lake crowd with another great show

About the Song

Toby Keith. A name synonymous with American country music, a genre steeped in tradition, storytelling, and celebrating the working class. But Keith, with his gruff vocals and Oklahoma twang, never shied away from infusing his brand of country with a touch of rock and roll swagger.

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Today, we set our sights on a track from his 2001 album, Pull My Chain, titled Pick ‘Em Up And Lay ‘Em Down.

This song, though catchy and rhythmically strong, treads a line that’s interesting to unpack. On the surface, it could be interpreted as a light-hearted tale of a chance encounter in a bar, a potential one-night stand brewing between the narrator and a seductive woman.

The lyrics themselves are peppered with classic country imagery – the smokey bar, the shared drinks, the dimming lights. We hear the unmistakable rumble of thunder as a potential catalyst for intimacy.

However, beneath this seemingly carefree exterior lies a hint of complexity. The narrator, while acknowledging his loneliness, expresses a certain resistance to fleeting relationships. The repeated refrain, “Pick ’em up and lay ’em down” – a term often associated with casual flings – is delivered with a touch of world-weariness.

Lines like “I’m not the kind of man that goes out just lookin’ for a woman” suggest a yearning for something more substantial.

Pick ‘Em Up And Lay ‘Em Down becomes a fascinating study in contrasts. It’s a song that’s both familiar and thought-provoking, a barroom anthem laced with a subtle undercurrent of emotional longing.

It’s a perfect example of Toby Keith’s ability to weave relatable themes with a touch of grit, a quality that has made him a country music mainstay for over three decades. So, let’s saddle up and delve into this intriguing track, where we might just find a deeper meaning lurking beneath the surface of a catchy country tune.

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