Toby Keith : Toby Keith CD (1993) - Country Music - Should Have Been a Cowboy

About the Song

Howdy partners! Gather ’round the fire tonight, ‘cause we’re taking a trip down memory lane with a classic country tune. This one’s for all you fellas who ever found yourselves completely smitten with a special gal. We’re talking about Toby Keith’s 1993 hit, “Some Kinda Good Kinda Hold on Me”.

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Back in the day, Toby Keith was just starting to make a name for himself. This catchy tune, with its twangy guitar and singalong chorus, was a real chart-topper. It captured that head-over-heels feeling you get when you meet someone who just knocks your boots off.

The song tells the story of a good ol’ boy who’s completely under the spell of his woman. His buddies try to tempt him out for some good-time fun, but he can’t tear himself away from her.

“She’s got some kinda good kinda hold on me,” Toby sings, his voice filled with a mix of contentment and amusement. He admits he can’t get enough of her cuddles and kisses, and there’s a certain magic in her touch that keeps him wrapped around her finger.

Now, this ain’t your soppy love ballad. There’s a playful wink in Toby’s lyrics, hinting that maybe this mysterious hold she has on him goes beyond just sweetness and affection. He playfully mentions his friends’ comments about him being “under lock and key,” but the way he sings it, you know he wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, if you’re looking for a song that brings back memories of those early days of love, with a good dose of country charm thrown in, then “Some Kinda Good Kinda Hold on Me” is the perfect pick. So crank up the volume, put on your dancing shoes, and let Toby Keith remind you of the powerful feeling of being under someone’s special spell.

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