classic christmas 2 cd - Toby Keith

About the Song

Toby Keith’s rendition of “The First Noel”. Now, this is a particularly interesting take on a beloved Christmas carol. For those unfamiliar with Toby Keith, he’s a country music powerhouse, known for his gravelly voice and songs that often celebrate rural American life and patriotism. So, when he tackles a traditional Christmas carol, it’s bound to raise an eyebrow – and pique the interest – of any music enthusiast.

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The original “The First Noel” is a carol steeped in history, likely dating back to the 15th century. Its narrative recounts the story of the nativity – the birth of Jesus Christ – as relayed to shepherds by angels.

The song itself is a joyous proclamation, a celebration of the arrival of the Messiah. It’s a familiar sound during the holiday season, sung in churches and homes alike, often accompanied by warm candlelight and the scent of pine.

So, what happens when Toby Keith, a country music icon, injects his signature sound into this centuries-old carol? Well, we get a unique blend of tradition and contemporary country flair. You can expect the core melody of “The First Noel” to remain, instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with the carol.

But there will undoubtedly be a touch of that classic country twang in Keith’s vocals, perhaps a hint of steel guitar woven into the arrangement. This creates a fascinating juxtaposition – the timeless message of the carol delivered in a distinctly American, country music style.

The question then becomes: does this modernization work? Does Toby Keith manage to retain the reverence of the original carol while infusing it with his own musical identity? That’s entirely subjective, of course. But for those who appreciate a fresh take on tradition, Toby Keith’s “The First Noel” offers a compelling reimagining of a Christmas classic.

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It’s a testament to the enduring power of this carol, its ability to resonate across genres and generations. Whether you’re a die-hard country music fan or simply someone who enjoys a unique take on a familiar tune, Toby Keith’s “The First Noel” is sure to spark a conversation – and perhaps even a sing-along – this holiday season.