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About the Song

Toby Keith’s Tryin’ To Matter. Now that’s a song that takes you right to the heart of the American experience, wouldn’t you agree? Released in 2001 on his album Pull My Chain, Tryin’ To Matter struck a chord with folks who felt a little lost in the daily grind.

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Keith, a country music icon known for his anthems about patriotism and small-town life, took a more introspective turn with this ballad. It’s a song for those evenings spent contemplating the quiet humdrum of life, the feeling of going through the motions, and the desperate hope of rekindling a fading connection.

The beauty of Tryin’ To Matter lies in its relatable characters. We meet a weary man stuck in a monotonous routine – a “full-time job and part-time wife” as the lyrics poignantly put it. The weight of a loveless marriage hangs heavy, mirrored by the “three bedroom and an empty life” they share.

But across the divide, there’s the woman. We can only imagine her side of the story, a “lonely girl that’s a lonely wife.” The song doesn’t delve into the reasons for their disconnect, but it doesn’t need to. The listener understands; life has a way of chipping away at the magic, leaving a couple adrift in their own loneliness.

Tryin’ To Matter isn’t about throwing in the towel, though. It’s about that flicker of hope that stubbornly persists. Despite the “reasons why we should turn and walk away,” there’s a deep-seated desire to salvage what they once had. The lyrics plead, “there’s a whole lot riding on this love so baby what’s ya say.”

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This song is a testament to the enduring power of love, even when it’s faded. It’s a reminder that sometimes, all it takes is “one good shot,” a willingness to “give it all we got,” to rekindle the embers of a relationship.

So, put on your favorite pair of boots, pour yourself a glass of something sweet, and let Toby Keith’s Tryin’ To Matter take you on a journey of love, loss, and the desperate hope of finding your way back to each other.