What's Up Cuz - Single - Album by Toby Keith - Apple Music

About the Song

Howdy, folks! Today, we’re taking a trip down memory lane with a tune that’s sure to bring back some good ole’ times. We’re talking about “What’s Up Cuz,” a toe-tapping country number from the one and only Toby Keith. Released in 2020, this song might not be his earliest hit, but it certainly captured the hearts of many with its down-home charm and relatable lyrics.

Now, Toby Keith is no stranger to the country music scene. For decades, he’s been belting out anthems about everyday folks, small-town life, and the American spirit. “What’s Up Cuz” is no exception. It’s a song about catching up with an old friend, a familiar face you haven’t seen in a while. Whether it’s a long-lost cousin, a childhood buddy, or someone you haven’t shared a porch swing with since high school, the song celebrates the simple joys of reconnecting and reminiscing.

Keith kicks off the song with a warm, familiar drawl, asking that age-old question: “What’s Up Cuz?” It’s a friendly greeting, a way of saying, “Hey there, how have you been?” without all the fuss. The lyrics paint a picture of two old friends catching up on life, sharing stories, and maybe even throwing back a few cold ones. It’s a reminder that no matter how much time passes or how far life takes you, the bonds of friendship can always bring you back together.

So, whether you’re a die-hard Toby Keith fan or simply enjoy a good ol’ country song about friendship, “What’s Up Cuz” is sure to put a smile on your face. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to tap your feet to a song that celebrates the simple joys of life and the enduring power of friendship.