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Now that’s a song that takes you back, doesn’t it? Released in 1989 on Strait’s album Beyond the Blue Neon, “Angel, Angelina” is a prime example of what made Strait the “King of Country” for so many years. It’s a perfect blend of traditional country instrumentation, relatable lyrics, and of course, Strait’s signature smooth vocals.

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But let’s delve a little deeper, shall we? George Strait himself is a country music legend. Born in Texas in 1941, Strait rose to prominence in the 1980s with a sound that defied the more pop-oriented trends of the time. He championed a style that remained true to the roots of country music, with a focus on storytelling and clear, uncluttered arrangements. This traditional approach, coupled with his undeniable charisma, resonated deeply with audiences, making him one of the best-selling artists of all time, not just in country music, but across all genres.

Now, back to “Angel, Angelina”. The song itself is a classic country ballad. Written by L. David Lewis, it tells the story of a man desperately in love with a woman named Angelina. The lyrics paint a picture of a passionate yet troubled relationship. The singer expresses his deep affection for Angelina, calling her his “angel,” but also hints at the challenges they face. Lines like “Mornin’ finds me prayin’ please let me keep her” and “Each night finds me wonderin’ where she’s been” suggest a love that’s both intense and precarious.

Musically, “Angel, Angelina” is a masterclass in understated elegance. The arrangement features a bed of acoustic guitar, steady drums, and a mournful steel guitar that perfectly complements the emotional weight of the lyrics. Strait’s vocals are, as always, impeccable. He delivers the song with a sincerity that makes the protagonist’s plight completely believable. There’s no over-the-top emoting here, just a quiet desperation that tugs at the heartstrings.

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“Angel, Angelina” wasn’t necessarily a chart-topping hit for Strait, but it’s become a beloved staple in his vast catalogue. It’s a song that continues to resonate with fans for its relatable themes, timeless sound, and of course, Strait’s unmatched vocal performance. So, the next time you hear those opening lines, “Angel, oh my angel, Angelina,” take a moment to appreciate a song that perfectly captures the essence of classic country music and the enduring legacy of George Strait.



“Angel, Angelina”

Angel oh my angel, Angelina.
Heaven must be wonderin’ where you are.
Mornin’ finds me prayin’, “Please let me keep her.”
Each night finds me wishin’ on the star.
That always, always Angelina
You’ll be stayin’ right here in my arms.

Sweetest of the sweet those ruby lips.
No other has that touch, ooh those finger tips.
Bluest of the blue those sparklin’ eyes.
Like hand in glove we fit-
You know you’re just my size.
You and all your special ways and needs.
Oh I love you Angelina.


You’ll be stayin’ right here in my arms