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About the song

“Baby Blue” is a country song that tells the story of a man who is in love with a young woman. The song is a beautiful ballad about the power of love, and it has been praised for its simple yet elegant lyrics and its timeless melody.

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The song begins with Strait singing about how he first met the woman he loves. He describes her as being “baby blue” and “sweet as can be.” He quickly falls in love with her, and he knows that she is the one for him.

The song’s chorus is a simple but powerful statement of the man’s love for the woman: “Baby Blue, I love you. Baby Blue, I need you. Baby Blue, I’ll always be true to you.

The rest of the song tells the story of the man and woman’s love for each other. They get married and have a family, and they grow old together. The song ends with the man still in love with the woman, and he knows that they will be together forever.

“Baby Blue” is a beautiful and timeless song about the power of love. It is a classic country song that has been covered by many artists, including Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, and Willie Nelson.


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