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Ah, yes, George Strait’s “Easy Come, Easy Go” (live 1993). Now that’s a classic country song delivered by a true master of the genre. Settled in for this live rendition, we can expect Strait’s signature smooth vocals and a band that feels like a well-oiled machine, perfectly complementing the song’s message.

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This particular song, released in 1993 on Strait’s album of the same name, became a chart-topper and continues to resonate with listeners today. Songwriters Aaron Barker and Dean Dillon crafted a simple yet profound story about the bittersweetness of letting go in a relationship. It’s a theme that transcends generations, making “Easy Come, Easy Go” a timeless country staple.

Strait, often referred to as the “King of Country”, built his career on a foundation of traditional country music. He emerged in the 1980s, a time when country music was undergoing a period of experimentation with pop and rock influences. Strait, however, stayed true to his roots, delivering pure, unadulterated country with a touch of Texas twang. His unwavering commitment to this sound, coupled with his incredible talent, is a big part of what earned him his legendary status.

But what exactly makes “Easy Come, Easy Go” such a great song? Let’s delve a little deeper. The lyrics paint a picture of a relationship that’s run its course. There’s no animosity, no blame game – just a quiet acceptance that sometimes, love fades. The lines, “Said she had enough of me, I’ve had enough of her too,” establish this from the outset. It’s a mature perspective, acknowledging that even good things can end.

The beauty lies in the simplicity. The melody is catchy without being flashy, and the instrumentation – likely featuring Strait’s iconic Ace in the Hole Band – provides a steady backing that allows the lyrics and vocals to take center stage. We can expect a tight rhythm section, some tasteful guitar work, and perhaps even a touch of steel guitar for added emotion.

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Now, a live performance adds another layer of magic to this song. The energy of the crowd, Strait’s interaction with his band, and the subtle variations that come with a live setting all contribute to a unique listening experience. A live rendition of “Easy Come, Easy Go” (1993) isn’t just about hearing the song; it’s about immersing yourself in the moment, feeling the emotions, and appreciating the artistry of George Strait and his band.

So, as we settle in to listen to this live performance, let’s prepare ourselves for a masterclass in country music storytelling. Strait’s smooth vocals, the band’s tight performance, and the poignant lyrics of “Easy Come, Easy Go” promise a journey that’s both relatable and deeply affecting.



“Easy Come, Easy Go”

Says she’s had enough of me, I’ve had enough of her too.
I might as well go on and set her free, she’s already turned me loose.
No fault, no blame, nobody done no wrong-
That’s just the way it sometimes goes.
Sometimes two people just don’t get along, it’s time to hit the road.

Goodbye, farewell, so long, vaya condios.
Good luck, wish you well, take it slow.
Easy come girl, easy go.

We tried to work it out a hundred times, ninety- nine it didn’t work.
I think it’s best we put it all behind before we wind up getting hurt.
No hard feelings darling, no regrets,
No tears and no broken hearts.
Call it quits, calling off all bets, it just wasn’t in the cards.

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Easy come girl, easy go.
Vaya condios, good luck,
Easy come, easy go.