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Ah, yes, George Strait’s “Lover In Disguise”. Now that’s a song that takes you back, doesn’t it? Released in 1982 on Strait’s iconic album “Strait From The Heart”, “Lover In Disguise” became an instant classic, showcasing Strait’s signature smooth vocals and a narrative songwriting style that would become his trademark.

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But “Lover In Disguise” is more than just another catchy country tune. It’s a masterclass in weaving a story through song. The lyrics, penned by songwriting duo Blake Mevis and Jim Dowell, paint a picture of a man wrestling with the complexities of love and betrayal. There’s a subtle tension simmering beneath the surface of the twangy melody, a sense of something hidden just out of sight.

This is evident right from the opening lines: “There’s a secret that I know, ’bout the lady that I love so” – a statement that piques our curiosity. Who is this woman? What secret does the narrator hold so close? As the song unfolds, we learn that the woman he loves is not who she seems. She’s a “lover in disguise”, playing a part, and the narrator is left to grapple with the fallout.

It’s important to note that Strait released “Lover In Disguise” at a pivotal moment in his career. Though he’d already garnered some success, this song, along with the entire “Strait From The Heart” album, solidified his position as a leading figure in the emerging neotraditional country movement. This genre was a reaction to the more pop-oriented sounds that had infiltrated country music in the late 70s. Artists like Strait championed a return to the genre’s roots, focusing on storytelling, strong melodies, and the influence of classic country artists like Hank Williams and George Jones.

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“Lover In Disguise” perfectly embodies these neotraditional ideals. The instrumentation is simple yet effective, with a prominent steel guitar adding a touch of melancholic twang. The melody, while catchy, doesn’t overshadow the emotional weight of the lyrics. And of course, there’s Strait’s voice – a smooth baritone that delivers the story with a quiet intensity, drawing the listener in and leaving them wanting more.

The song’s success wasn’t just critical. It became a chart-topper, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart. It also resonated deeply with audiences, becoming a staple at honky-tonks and a favorite among country music fans. Its enduring popularity speaks to the universality of its themes – love, betrayal, and the struggle to find truth in a world of deception.

So, when you hit play on “Lover In Disguise”, you’re not just listening to a song. You’re experiencing a piece of country music history, a masterfully crafted story sung by one of the genre’s greatest voices. It’s a testament to the power of neotraditional country and a reminder of why George Strait remains a legend.



“Lover In Disguise”

There’s a secret that I know about the lady that I love so
And I’m the only one she’s shown her secret to
She’s gentle and she’s kind
She’s proper and refine
But she lets down more than her hair
Alone in our room

Cause she’s more than a lady
And there’s a fire that burns behind those eyes
She’s more than a lady
And every night when we lay down
And she slips off her satin gown
Oh, she proves she’s a lover in disguise
She’s a lover in disguise

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When we go out somewhere
The men may stop and stare
But they see she’s a lady
So they leave her alone
She’s more than she seems
And in their wildest dreams
They could never dream of what it’s like to take her home


She’s a lover in disguise
She’s a lover in disguise
She’s a lover in disguise