Flashback: See George Strait's Live 'Ocean Front Property'

About the song

George Strait’s “Ocean Front Property”. Now that’s a song that takes you straight to the heart of Texas, wouldn’t you agree? Released in 1986, it became the title track for Strait’s seventh studio album and marked a turning point in country music.

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Strait, already a rising star known for his neotraditional style, stood out for his reverence for the genre’s roots. While the 80s saw a surge of pop-influenced country, Strait remained true to the sounds that defined the genre for decades – clear vocals, a strong backbeat, and lyrics that painted vivid portraits of everyday life. “Ocean Front Property” perfectly exemplifies this approach.

The song itself is a deceptively simple ode to the allure of wide-open spaces and the freedom of the open road. The title, of course, is a playful wink – there’s no literal oceanfront property to be found here. Instead, it serves as a metaphor for the vastness and opportunity that the narrator seeks.

Listen closely to Strait’s delivery. His signature baritone is smooth and confident, yet there’s a subtle undercurrent of longing in his voice.

The lyrics themselves are full of evocative imagery – dusty highways, endless skies, and the promise of something new waiting just over the horizon. It’s a song that resonates deeply with anyone who’s ever felt the pull of wanderlust, the yearning for a life less ordinary.

But “Ocean Front Property” is more than just a travelogue. It’s a testament to the enduring power of country music’s storytelling tradition. With each verse, Strait paints a picture so vivid, you can practically feel the sun on your face and the wind whipping through your hair. You’re not just listening to a song; you’re living it.

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This song’s impact transcended the charts. It solidified George Strait’s position as a leading voice in neotraditional country and helped pave the way for a resurgence of interest in the genre’s core values.

“Ocean Front Property” is more than just a great song; it’s a piece of country music history, a reminder of the genre’s ability to capture the essence of American life in all its beauty and complexity. So, saddle up, put on your boots, and let George Strait whisk you away on a journey to your own “Ocean Front Property”.