George Strait Dedicates "You Look So Good in Love" to His Ex

About the song

“You Look So Good in Love” is a country song written by Glen Ballard, Rory Michael Bourke, and Kerry Chater. It was first recorded by George Strait and released as the third single from his album Right or Wrong in 1983. The song reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and became Strait’s third number one single.

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The song is about a man who sees his ex-lover with another man and realizes how much he still loves her. He tells her that she looks so good in love and that he wishes she still wanted him. The song is a classic country ballad with a simple melody and lyrics that are easy to relate to.

Strait’s performance of the song is heartfelt and sincere. He sings with a strong, clear voice that conveys the emotion of the song. The song’s slow tempo and gentle instrumentation create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.

“You Look So Good in Love” is a beautiful and moving song that has become a classic of country music. It is a song about love, loss, and longing that will resonate with listeners of all ages.

Here are some additional details about the song:

  • The song was written in the key of G major and has a tempo of 72 beats per minute.
  • The song’s instrumentation includes acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, and fiddle.
  • The song has been covered by many artists, including Mickey Gilley, Don Williams, and Alan Jackson.
  • The song was used in the 1994 film “The Cowboy Way”.
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