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John Denver’s Amazon (Let This Be a Voice). Now that’s a song that takes you on a journey, both geographical and philosophical. Released in 1991 on his album Different Directions, it marked a bit of a shift in Denver’s usual folksy fare. This track delves into a deeper environmental consciousness, a theme that would become increasingly prominent in his later work.

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Denver was never one to shy away from celebrating the beauty of the natural world. Songs like “Take Me Home, Country Roads” and “Rocky Mountain High” painted vivid pictures of landscapes he cherished. But Amazon (Let This Be a Voice) goes beyond simple appreciation. Here, he becomes a storyteller, weaving a tapestry of interconnectedness between nature’s elements.

The song opens with a powerful metaphor: “There is a river that runs from the mountains. That one river is all rivers. All rivers are that one.” It’s a reminder that everything in the natural world is part of a larger whole, a web of life where every creature and element plays a vital role.

Denver reinforces this concept throughout the song, using imagery that spans continents. From the towering trees of the forest to the lone flower blooming in the desert, each piece is a vital thread in the grand tapestry of nature.

Amazon (Let This Be a Voice) isn’t just about celebrating nature’s beauty, though. It’s a call to action, a plea for us to recognize the fragility of this interconnected system. The lyrics, “The Amazon rain forests, when they are gone, we the so called intelligence on the planet will not be far behind,” are a stark reminder of the consequences of environmental destruction.

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This song was released at a time when the plight of the Amazon rainforest was gaining international attention. Deforestation rates were alarmingly high, and the world was beginning to understand the critical role this ecosystem played in the health of the planet. Denver, ever the advocate for environmental causes, used his platform to raise awareness and inspire action.

Amazon (Let This Be a Voice) is more than just a song; it’s a testament to John Denver’s evolving artistry. It showcases his continued love for nature while introducing a deeper environmental message. The song remains a powerful reminder of our responsibility to protect the delicate balance of the natural world, a message that continues to resonate with listeners today.




There is a river that runs from the mountains, that one river is all rivers, all rivers are that one. There is a tree that stands in the forest, that one tree is all forests, all trees are that one.
There is a flower that blooms in the desert, that one blossom is all flowers,
all flowers are that one.
It is the song of life, it is the flower of faith, it is the tree of temptation it is the river of no regret.There is a child that cries in the ghetto, that one child is all children, all children are that one. There is a vision that shines in the darkness, that one vision is all of our dreams,
all of our dreams are that one.
It is a vision of heaven, it is a child of promise, it is the song of life, it is the river of no regret.

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Let this be a voice for the mountains, let this be a voice for the river,
let this be a voice for the forest, let this be a voice for the flowers,
let this be a voice for the ocean, let this be a voice for the desert,
let this be a voice for the children, let this be a voice for the dreamers,
let this be a voice of no regret, no regret.