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About the song

John Denver’s Till You Opened My Eyes. A song that washes over you like a warm summer breeze, a testament to the transformative power of love. Denver, a folk icon whose career spanned decades, was known for his optimistic spirit and his ability to capture the essence of simple joys in his music. Till You Opened My Eyes, released in 1981 on his album Some Days Are Diamonds, is a prime example of this.

The song paints a vivid picture of a man awakening to the beauty of love for the first time. The lyrics, penned by songwriters Randy Cullers, Alan Rush, and Dennis Linde, speak of a life previously lived in a dreamlike state, “All my life I’ve been dreaming/Night into morning.” This introspective verse sets the stage for the transformative moment – the arrival of love.

Denver’s signature gentle vocals and the uplifting melody create a sense of awe and wonder as he sings, “Till you opened my eyes.” It’s a pivotal moment, a revelation. The world, previously shrouded in a veil of unknowing, is now bathed in a “golden light,” a metaphor for the newfound clarity and joy that love brings.

Till You Opened My Eyes isn’t a love song in the traditional sense. It doesn’t delve into the complexities of relationships or the anxieties of heartbreak. Instead, it focuses on the pure, unadulterated joy of discovery. The repetitive line “Love, love, love, such a mystery” emphasizes the wonder and almost childlike innocence of this newfound emotion.

The arrangement, with its acoustic guitars, warm strings, and subtle percussion, further complements the message. It’s a bed of gentle sounds that allows Denver’s voice and the lyrics to take center stage. There’s a sense of floating, of “flying” as he sings about being swept away by this newfound love.

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Till You Opened My Eyes became a staple of Denver’s live shows, a song that resonated deeply with audiences. Perhaps it’s because it speaks to a universal human experience – the transformative power of love, the way it can open our eyes to a world brimming with beauty and possibility. It’s a simple yet powerful message, delivered with Denver’s trademark sincerity, that continues to resonate with listeners today.



“Till You Opened My Eyes”

Down, down, down, deeper into love, all around I can feel your love.
All my life I’ve been dreaming night into morning, till you opened my eyes.
Love, love, love, such a mystery, golden lights shining down on me.
Soft and warm as the morning, but I never saw it, till you opened my eyes.

Floating in circles I’m flying, it feels so good that I’m crying.
Down, down, down, deep inside of me, love sweet love’s all that I can see.
Golden light keeps on shining, shining forever since you opened my eyes.