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About the song

John Denver’s Dancing with the Mountains. A song that evokes the crisp winter air, the thrill of a downhill rush, and a deep connection with nature. Released in 1980 on Denver’s album Autograph, it became a surprise hit, particularly amongst skiers and those who cherished the beauty of the mountainous landscape.

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Denver, by this point in his career, was already a folk icon. Songs like Take Me Home, Country Roads and Annie’s Song had cemented his image as a champion of the natural world, a man whose music was as much about wide-open spaces as it was about love and loss. Dancing with the Mountains wasn’t a radical departure, but it did showcase a different side of Denver’s artistry.

The song opens with a surprising acknowledgement of disco, then at the height of its popularity. Denver sings, “Everybody’s got the dancing fever, everybody loves to rock and roll.” But then, with a subtle shift, he introduces his own brand of rhythmic joy: “I am one who dances with the mountains.” This line sets the stage for the entire song, a celebration of a different kind of dance, one fueled not by flashing lights and pulsating bass, but by the exhilaration of movement in nature’s grand ballroom.

Dancing with the Mountains is more than just a ski song, though it certainly captures the exhilaration of carving down a snowy slope. The lyrics paint a picture of a profound connection between humanity and the natural world.

The mountains aren’t just a backdrop; they are Denver’s partner, a constant presence that offers solace, challenge, and a sense of belonging. Lines like “Were you there the night they lost the lightning? / Were you there the day the earth stood still?” hint at the mountains’ enduring presence, a silent witness to the dramas that unfold on their slopes.

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Musically, the song is a perfect blend of Denver’s folk roots and the pop sensibilities of the era. The acoustic guitars provide a warm foundation, while the keyboards and drums add a touch of contemporary flair. Denver’s vocals are, as always, sincere and inviting, drawing the listener into his world of snowy peaks and exhilarating descents.

Dancing with the Mountains wasn’t just a hit for Denver; it became an anthem for skiers and nature lovers alike. The song’s enduring appeal lies in its ability to capture a universal feeling: the joy of movement, the connection with nature, and the sense of awe inspired by the majesty of the mountains. It’s a song that makes you want to lace up your boots, grab your skis, and head for the nearest peak, ready to dance with the mountains yourself.



“Dancing With The Mountains”

Everybody’s got the dancing fever, everybody loves to rock and roll.
Play it louder baby, play is faster, funky music’s gotta stretch your soul.
Just relax and let the rhythm take you, don’t you be afraid to lose control.
If your heart has found some empty spaces,
Dancing’s just the thing to make you whole.

I am one who dances with the mountains. I am one who dances in the wind.
I am one who dances on the ocean,
my partner’s more than pieces, more than friends.

Were you there the night they lost the lightning?
Were you there the day the earth stood still?
Did you see the famous and the fighting? Did you hear the prophet tell his tale?

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We are one when dancing with the mountains.
We are one when singing in the wind.
We are one when thinking of each other
More than partner’s, more than pieces, more than friends.