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John Denver’s Seasons of the Heart. Now that’s a song that takes me back. Released in 1982, it was the title track for Denver’s album of the same name. This period in Denver’s career was a fascinating one. He was still immensely popular, but his sound was evolving. The folk-rock that launched him to stardom was softening, with more pop and adult contemporary influences creeping in. Seasons of the Heart perfectly embodies this shift.

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The song itself is a beautiful contemplation on the cyclical nature of love and life. Denver, ever the poet of the natural world, uses the changing seasons as a metaphor for the inevitable ups and downs of relationships. There’s a comforting wisdom to the lyrics, a gentle reminder that just as winter gives way to spring, so too do periods of hardship eventually blossom into joy.

But Seasons of the Heart isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. The melody, while undeniably catchy, has a hint of melancholy woven throughout. Denver’s voice, usually brimming with optimism, takes on a more introspective tone as he sings about the “differences” that can arise in love and the “broken” feeling that can follow. This bittersweet quality is what makes the song so relatable. It acknowledges the challenges of love without succumbing to cynicism.

The brilliance of Seasons of the Heart lies in its simplicity. The instrumentation is spare, with just piano and acoustic guitar providing a backdrop for Denver’s warm vocals. This allows the lyrics to take center stage, their message resonating with a quiet power.

Seasons of the Heart wasn’t Denver’s biggest commercial hit, but it has become a beloved favorite among his fans. It’s a song that grows on you with repeated listens, revealing its depth and emotional resonance layer by layer. It’s a testament to Denver’s enduring legacy as a songwriter who could capture the complexities of human experience with both honesty and grace.

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So, if you’re looking for a song that speaks to the enduring cycles of life and love, put on Seasons of the Heart. It’s a timeless classic from the one and only John Denver.



“Seasons Of The Heart”

Of course we have our differences, you shouldn’t be surprised.
It’s as natural as changes in the seasons and the skies.
Sometimes we grow together, sometimes we drift apart,
a wiser man than I might know the seasons of the heart.

And I’m walking here beside you in the early evening chill.
a thing we’ve always loved to do, I know we always will.

We have so much in common, so many things we share,
that I can’t believe my heart when it implies that you’re not there.
Love is why I came here in the first place, love is now the reason I must go.
Love is all I ever hoped to find here, love is still the only dream I know.

So I don’t know how to tell you, it’s difficult to say.
I never in my wildest dreams imagined it this way.
But sometimes I just don’t know you, there’s a stranger in our home.
When I’m lying right beside you is when I’m most alone.

And I think my heart is broken, there’s an emptiness inside.
So many things I’ve longed for have so often been denied.
Still I wouldn’t try to change you, there’s no one that’s to blame.
It’s just some things that mean so much and we just don’t feel the same.
Love is why I came here in the first place, love is now the reason I must go.
Love is all I ever hoped to find here, love is still the only dream I know.
True love is still the only dream I know.

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